Rates & Services                Estate Sales Service     Lynn O'Keefe

Written only       Must be scheduled        minimum begins at $1,500.00 , not including assistant fees

Estate Sales Service   (Limited to referrals and Large Exclusive Estates )
                       "We have Kept the SERVICE in  Estate Sales Service"
 Fees: We have a sliding scale. Fees for Other services as needed

                                              Services Offered                                                     
We are responsible and report Tax to the State of Florida.
We accept all Credit and Debit cards
We set-up your home and buildings in a store like fashion
We provide all equipment and supplies needed
We Internet Advertising
We advertise on social media
We advertise to over 2,500 of our regular customers
We advertise to another 18,000 customers  
We  place all signs where needed
We are insured
We hold a state of Florida Auction Business Licence
We hold a state of Florida Auctioneers Licence    
We provide all crew necessary  to run sale
We provide Full reporting of all major items and small items grouped together.
We provide a Full statement  
We issue a check within 10 days.
We will  try to box unsold small items left from sale in home & unsold furniture left
    in home as well after sale. Bag trash ordinary & set to curb.
We will help you with donations or buy-outs
We have an auctioneer and an appraiser on staff  
We Broom swept

                                             Your Personal Property Specialist for over 25 years

What we do for You
Estate Sale
We are licenced
We Keep our Human Touch for our Clients & Customers.
21st  Century Savvy with over 200 years combined Professional Experience.  
*We advertise on all Social Media over and over again!
*We advertise on all major Estate Sale web sites in line with your sale
*We advertise in Local and Regional Newspapers
*We send out email marketing to over 2,500 regular customers
*We call our regular customer  to notify them of certain items available
*We set up all items in a store like fashion
*We bring in tables
*We haul to curb customary amount of trash
*We work with you and your needs
*We research items
*We hold Pre-sales to increase dollar amount
*We take all major credit cards & debit cards
*We do not charge you credit card fees
*We hold the sale two days 9-10 hours a day and possibly more
*We keep you informed
*We will work with our partner resources to achieve more value if necessary
*We do all the research (trained Appraisers on staff)
*We can auction items if necessary ( licenced Auctioneer on staff)
*Customers receive receipts
*We give you statement of what we did from start to finish as if you were there.  *We give complete accounting and a complete ledger of what items were sold and for what
*We have a declining percentage commission rate. The more we sell, the lower the rate goes.
*We structure other services to Your Needs , then charge accordingly
*We love to handle the large & unusual sales
*We provide bags and boxes and help customers bag and wrap as item permits
*We have a full sales staff that love to sell !
*We constantly rearrange tables and rooms as things sell
*We close down rooms when empty out
*We block off areas
*We post signs of policies to customers and mark all stairs etc.
*We box what we can of unsold items , leave others in place so you may donate or keep.
*We give you the option to keep the leftovers or  We will empty home per contracted service
*We broom sweep, many times wash glassware and do minor repairs on items.
*We pay you with a check within two weeks ( usually less)
*This and much more!