Gadsden , Al. Got back from the World's Longest and Hottest Yard Sale.  8 1/2 hour drive to Gadsden ,Al. Stayed three night there and used
as our base camp. We realized as soon as we got there, the time changed! We had an extra hour! Erin and I threw our stuff in the room and away we
went to hunt treasures on Lookout Mountain Parkway. Yes we did find allot late afternoon on Thursday!. Headed out again about 8:00 on Friday. It took
us 7 hours to go 15 miles! We shopped until we passed out! ( I got sick on Friday, Erin got sick on Sat.-- Heat)Found a Fire station 1/2 way that was
serving food and drinks, air-conditioning and a restroom! What more could we want!  Nice people along the way, but so hot,( 103 degrees  with heat index
at 123) people were all just wanting to get cool as us! A huge storm and tornados  moved into the  Crossroads in Cherokee county just as we got there.
We looked fast in the rain and wind and ran back down the mountain to a safer place. Sat. we began about 8:00 am and headed to crossroads where we
left off. This took 1 1/2 hours! Beyond this point was scattered sales and church sales. We did find some things, but not as much as the days before.  
We went on to DeSoto State Park and Lodge/DeSoto Falls/Little River Canyon and looked at the falls and I jumped in the water ( w/ a bathing suite of
course!). Erin did give up her jeans for a pair of shorts.( cooler  Upper Parkway only 93 degrees with a great breeze!) We went down the parkway and hit
the places we missed on the way up. Found some better buys @ this point as many were closing up and not coming back on Sunday. Lots of free stuff on
the side of the road at this time!  Got back to Gadsden and went to Noccalula Falls Park. Finally got back to Downtown and Ate at Jefferson's, a sports
bar with lots of good cheap food and cold beer. This day ended our yard sales about 9 pm!  Back on road Sunday with a 8 1/2 hour drive ,yet took a long
1 1/2 hour Outlet mall and eating break!  Erin said she had enough of "Yard sailing" until next year. I was ready to go at  least a few more hours!  I
think this gave me my fix for about 6 months! The pictures will be posted soon on the web site.
The perks of the Longest Yard Sale
1. To see a different rural part of our country
2. To find cool stuff
3. To get bargains
4. To have fun with people
5. To realize Florida is not the only "Hot" state!  
Erin weary & hot! Tired of pictures!

Signs for sale galore!

Weird train for sale!

Lots of old dime store rides for sale.

Cars,motorcycles & everything for sale!
Get up! Time to shop!
Ate @ Jefferson's sports
bar twice! Downtown
This guy is no
dummy! Sits
under food.
Cars cars and more cars for
Got out
just in
                                         Longest Yard Sale                                                     Estate Sales Service   , Fl.                                                         Lynn O'Keefe