New Services for a New Culture

Do Not throw anything away!
Do Not Give It Away!
Let Us Decide!
Take what you want, Leave the rest.

The Baby Boomers are now old and taking care of their parents in nursing homes!

People are tired of collecting the old past.
A new is being collected!

The 20  to 40 year olds want new, now , neat and disposable!  Very little of the booming collectible culture is present.
Wonderful old antique furniture is being painted as we saw in the 50's and 60's.
Most people are t
ired of Grandma's china and crystal. Dining room sets ,
Sofas, chairs, dressers, even buffets
are hard sells. Everyone
want new! Some designs and designers are selling in different parts of each state or the country.
Some china and crystal does sell, but not for much. Antique glassware, Porcelains and
figures are cheaper than the Outlet stores! Old kitchen ware,even antique tools have taken a curve ball downward.
Forget about the "collectibles" Plates, cups, collectible toys that were all the rage,and any thing that was
in a "Series". Lithographs unsigned, are pretty. Signed might be a few bucks.
Art must be original and by a listed or an artist in demand.  Coins, gold, jewelry fine and costume are good.
Old toys
....Great, however his too must be evaluated by our experts.
Of course the condition, where it is sold, the grading
,etc. Determine value.
Internet auction sites have leveraged the selling and buying markets.
Hire Estate Sales Service to achieve the overall value of your Estate.
Estate Sales Service, Lynn O'Keefe knows the Rapid changing markets.

Exclusive Estate Sales

Lynn M. O'Keefe has provided the utmost caring honest
service to North Central Florida and beyond for over 25 years.
Experience, contacts , knowledge and on-going training
have placed her  as "The One" to handle any sale".
Now serving Tampa area. Limited sales in Gainesville, Florida.
Teaching others "the Business of Estate Sales" has brought up at least eight
new companies throughout Florida and other states.

Member of The National Auctioneers Association.
Member of the Antiques and Collectibles Association
Member Cambridge Who's Who
Member Association of Surgical Technology. National & Florida. Certified.
Family Owned and Run for over 25 Years

Estate Sales Service,  Lynn O'Keefe Auction Company & Appraisals PLLC
APPRAISAL  USPAP Compliant, ISA Trained
Lynn O'Keefe Auction Co. Florida   AU3545/AB256       

This Page all has been  SOLD at past and recent sales.  

Susan Walker
Realtor/Associate at Coldwell Banker MM Parrish Realtors
April 3, 2013, Susan was Lynn's client

Michael Bruckman
Managing Partner at Michael D. Bruckman, PA
Lynn definitely knows her stuff - would have no problem hiring her again.
June 7, 2011, Michael was Lynn's client

Bruce Causey
Publisher at SGS Publications,Inc.
I have known Lynn for many years and she is excellent at her job and has a great reputation.
June 6, 2011, Bruce was a consultant or contractor to Lynn at Estate Sales Service / Lynn O'Keefe Auction
Co. & Appraisals

Jean Feingold
Freelance writing and PR services - President, Business Communicators - The Information Intermediary -
freelance writer
Lynn does a great job of identifying and determining current values for every collectible item in your home.
She has a vast knowledge of all types of antiques and collectibles which she supplements with research as
needed. In addition, I have attended many estate sales she has put on in other people's homes. She sets fair
prices that get everything sold, pleasing both...more
June 6, 2011, Jean was Lynn's client

John Austin
Owner AUSTEC Industries
Lynn O'Keefe handled our estate sale in Gainesville, Florida in 2005 and, using her expertise in sales,
assigning value, marketing and organization, she sold every last item we had for sale and netted us twice as
much as we had expected! I HIGHLY recommend her work and professionalism.
July 8, 2010, John was Lynn's client

"I contacted Lynn O'Keefe in Gainesville to conduct our estate sale in Cedar Key.
They were very professional, efficient, clean, and thorough.
The sale was highly successful and what didn't sell they removed from the house so that it was completely empty.
I found them to be very trustworthy and meticulous in their record keeping
and we received a itemized report and check through certified mail within a week.
I would give them my unconditional recommendation.
Can't begin to express how pleased we were with your whole operation.
Very professional and efficient.  I was surprised at the amount.  
Thanks so much for your kind help.  
Vernon Rexroat

Great seeing you all - and many thanks to Penny for holding the Roseville Pinecone bookend for me. Truly, your sales are the best - and
your level customer service doesn't exist anywhere else!Great seeing you all - and many thanks to Penny for holding the Roseville
Pinecone bookend for me. Truly, your sales are the best - and your level customer service doesn't exist anywhere else!

R. Davis 3-2017