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Professional Organization
Military, Baby Boomers & Seniors we help you sort,organize,pack,keep, sell.
This will help you in your transition

Are you moving? Does the home need to look presentable? Cannot take it all with you?
Time to Let go? Just too much stuff ?
Need some cash?   Have you inherited a home filled?

De-Clutter your Home or Office   $      Hour per person  ( six hour minimum )  
(Barns,Garage & Sheds)              Based on amount of work & conditions

Services Offered
Help you decide what to keep,throw out,sell. Lynn will give you tips, money saving ideas,
go shopping for you to get what you need to organize, make suggestions, and more! Lynn knows
the best places and  resources to get your home or business on track.
Some things hold  value now and maybe in the future. As an appraiser for 18 years, Lynn will help you to
"hold" on to those things that will keep value or increase for those "rainy" days.
Some things are just Garbage, and it is time to let go. Some things need to be donated.
Many things Lynn will suggest you might want to sell! Having a "garage" sale on your own. What about
all these new smart phone apps! There are more ways, even for expensive items. Lynn has tips, knowledge
and  possible contacts!  Lynn O'Keefe can even give you tips on the "Do-It-Yourself" Estate Sale

                                          It 's a Win Win for you!

                                    Your home or office is de-cluttered
                                    You get organized
                                    The trash is at the curb
                                    You have helped a charity
                                    A very inexpensive Appraisal Service
                                    New things that make your organization easier on a budget
                                    You may have even made some money and/or paid for these services!  


Estate or Moving Sales
Elder Management & Senior Transitions
(call for specifics)
Do you have more than a dining set, sofa and bedroom set?  More than a garage full of stuff that
should go to the dump?  
We DO NOT handle garage sales

  Services Offered            %  of gross sales  (depends on work & location) Very low rates!
                               We offer a lower rate with efficient quick work, no frills, great advertising,
                               "sell it all" attitude, friendly smiles & you will keep the unsold items, donate them,
                               sell them on your own another time.

                                         Fees   ( based on clients extra requests )
 No one should be living in home and all personal property must  be legally owned by seller.
         Depending  on size of sale , a week or two prior to sale dates are needed for set up. Rush jobs
         will charged up front fees and percentages will be increased accordingly.
         Small sales can be set in days & sold quickly.

            Our percentage includes taxes taken and reporting to the State of Florida.
            Credit Card Fees
            All set-up and Tagging Supplies
            All Internet Advertising
            All Signage where needed
            All crew determined Necessary  to run sale
            Full reporting of all major items . Small items grouped together.
            Full statement
            Check usually issued within 10 days.
            We will Box unsold small items left from sale in home & unsold furniture left
            in home as well after sale. Bag trash & set to curb. Large trash items ,hazard &
               bulk , owners to furnish removal.
            ( You will have the chance to donate or dispose or keep of your choosing)
            Broom swept

Helping good people of Gainesville, Florida, Tampa, Brandon,Riverview,Lutz, Sun City and St. Pete

Organizing for you.
                                                  The Organizer for over 25 Years.